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We are a local group of people, motivated to improve the sense of community in Roundhay, in particular, the area around the Street Lane parade. RoRA is a group for people who share this vision and want to help achieve it.


1. Develop a sense of community in Roundhay.

2. Represent and promote the interests and needs of residents and local businesses through ongoing engagement.

3. To make Roundhay a better place for the future, for the people living and working here.

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We aim to run regular events to bring the community together.

To keep up to date follow us on Facebook or Twitter


We aim to improve the local environments we share - maintaining and improving existing facilities, improving safety, and making additions and changes to improve the appearance of the area. This will include fixing benches, introduction of plants and planters, improvement of the road and pavement surfaces, introduction of a new speed limit. 

If you would like to volunteer to joint our environment team or have suggestions of environmental improvements we could consider please get in touch via our email or Facebook page. 

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